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Prebiotics & Probiotics

P2Biotics is designed to balance the good and the bad and may ensure that the 80% of the immune system that lives in your gut is doing so in optimal conditions.

     • Promotes Gut Health*
     • Provides Immune Support*
     • Promotes Regular Digestion*

30 Day Supply – Serving Size: 2 Capsules

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A healthy gut is important to your overall well-being. 

The good bacteria in your gut is responsible for all sorts of things, from digestion to mood, skin and energy. The bacteria in P2Biotics work together inside of the body quickly to support gut health. Both prebiotics and probiotics are needed to provide proper balance and enhance nutrition absorption in the digestive tract. 

Gut Health – Your gut is home to trillions of good bacteria that are known as probiotics that support your digestive system. A balance of both good and bad bacteria is key to a well-functioning and healthy gut health. DE111® Probiotic is a strain of some of the most advanced live bacteria that not only supports body functions from your mouth to your gut, but also enhances nutrient absorption.

Immunity – Did you know that 80% of that immune system lives in your gut? Our immune system is responsible for all forms of defense against harmful bacteria, and probiotics can help your immune system do it even better. A good population of healthy bacteria can overpower the harmful ones, making it harder for them to survive.

Diverse Microbiome – Your gut bacteria loves prebiotics. Prebiotics are the complex carbs and fibers that we cannot digest, so they instead work as food for probiotic bacteria. P2Biotics is especially formulated with DE111® Probiotic and PreforPro® Prebiotic that together serve as a microbiome therapy for your gut.

  • PreforPro® Prebiotic is a clinically studied novel prebiotic that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Unlike traditional prebiotics, it is not fiber or starch-based and works quickly to address gut function, even in smaller doses.
  • DE111® Probiotic is an advanced probiotic that supports the balance of beneficial bacteria and supports immune health. Backed by more than 30 studies, it has shown to supports healthy digestion and support regularity. DE111 has been clinically studied to help improve body composition and post-workout recovery with adequate nutrition.

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