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Endurance Club Membership

Endurance Club Membership

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Endurance Club

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PacificHealth Labs Endurance Club provides serious athletes, with an ongoing discount on proven all natural products based on cutting edge research and provides the latest nutritional information to help endurance athletes raise performance. You can become a lifetime member of the Endurance Club today for a one time purchase of $9.95!

Benefits of Endurance Club Membership:

  • Performance Tip of the Week
    • Each week you will receive a Performance Nutrition Tip via email.

  • Exclusive Offers
    • Included in weekly newsletter, Endurance Club members receive exclusive promotions!

  • FREE Copy of Nutrient Timing ($14.95 value)
    • Authored by world renowned exercise scientists, Drs. John Ivy and Robert Portman. Nutrient Timing has been called the next important concept in the 21st century. Nutrient Timing dispels old myths and should be mandatory reading for any athlete who wants to optimize their performance. Applying the principles of Nutrient Timing you will be able to increase endurance performance, experience a stronger recovery while maximizing muscle growth and minimizing muscle damage.

  • FREE Shipping on Orders Over $75

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