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2nd Surge ®

2nd Surge ®

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Mind and Muscle Fuel for a Stronger Finish

Bonking. Hitting the wall. Blowing up. What causes extreme fatigue? Researchers have identified two fatigue centers; one in the brain, the other in muscles. 2nd Surge™ is the first all-natural energy gel specifically formulated to delay the onset of both muscle and brain fatigue. The proprietary formula of rapidly acting carbohydrates, proteins, caffeine and antioxidants are proven to:

     • Increase the delivery of critical nutrients to brain and muscle cells
     • Inhibit the release of fatigue signals in the brain
     • Reduce muscle damage, an important trigger for release of fatigue signals

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Fatigue is the enemy of anyone who is serious about their exercise. There are two primary causes of fatigue: muscle or peripheral fatigue, which results from a depletion of energy and muscle cells, or central or brain fatigue, which results from the release of specific chemical signals. 2nd Surge is a unique energy gel that combines caffeine with the proven results of carb and protein to address both types of fatigue. With its proprietary formula of rapid-acting carbohydrates, protein, caffeine, and antioxidants, 2nd Surge is the first all-natural energy gel formulated to delay the onset of both muscle and brain fatigue.

Caffeine Content:  100 mg / Gel Packet


2nd Surge Research Highlights

It is now well accepted that fatigue has two components, a muscle component and a brain component. Although it has been well established that caloric supplementation can improve muscle endurance, it is not known if consumption of the right combination of nutrients during exercise can reduce central or brain fatigue.

In a study conducted by researchers at Montana State, cyclists consumed 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel and then completed two 70-minute trials during which central fatigue was assessed. Researchers found that 2nd Surge Energy Gel produced greater relative power during the trial and significantly improved reaction time by almost 5%.