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Our Passion for Science, Powers Your Passion For Performance

We Power Your Passion

The Science of 4:1

Whether you are a competitive cyclist, triathlete or distance runner, weekend warrior, compete on a team sport or a fitness enthusiast PacificHealth Labs will Power Your Passion with proven nutrition products based on cutting-edge research.

Accelerade® Protein Powered Sports Drink
Accel Gel® Rapid Energy Gel
2nd Surge® Ultra Energy Gel
Endurox® R4® Muscle Recovery Drink
Endurox® Excel® Natural Exercise Supplement

The Science of 4:1

The Science of 4:1

What's the 4:1? It's the unique ratio of 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein in Accelerade, Accel Gel and Endurox R4 that fuels superior endurance, performance, hydration and recovery.

Until the late 1990s, exercise and post-exercise nutrition for athletes was all about carbohydrates. Then a group of leading exercise physiologists came together to formulate the next generation of sports nutrition products based on the very latest science. They discovered that a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate and protein compared to carbohydrate alone significantly

• Enhanced hydration
• Increased endurance
• Reduced exercise-related muscle damage
• Accelerated post-exercise muscle recovery

Accelerade sports drink, Accel Gel sports energy gel, and Endurox R4 performance recovery drinks are the only drinks on the market containing the patented 4:1 ratio.


Years of Experience & Mission

proven nutrition products

For two decades, PacificHealth Laboratories has had a singular mission – develop innovative nutrition products based on cutting-edge research. To achieve this goal, PacificHealth collaborates with many of the world’s top nutritionists, biochemists and sports scientists. We are proud that this collaboration with the scientific community has resulted in many discoveries that have reshaped our understanding of sports nutrition.

We also feel that part of our mission is to provide serious athletes the latest information on how to improve exercise performance. This is part of PacificHealth Laboratories continuing commitment to help triathletes, endurance athletes, coaches and trainers safely raise the level of athletic performance.


Robert Portman, PhD.

Robert Portman, PhD. is a well-known exercise scientist and author of Nutrient Timing and The Performance Zone. His latest book is Hardwired for Fitness. Dr. Portman has been a pioneer in developing nutritional products that can improve exercise performance and recovery.


To develop your personal nutrition plan visit the Portman Calculator at WWW.PORTMANCALCULATOR.COM

The Portman Calculator allows you to easily compute your nutrition and hydration needs for your workouts or races. The Calculator determines the amount of fluid and nutrition you need to consume before, during and after your activity for optimum exercise performance.

There are two types of calculators: An EXERCISE CALCULATOR that enables you to compute your nutrition and hydration needs for a wide range of activities and a TRIATHLON CALCULATOR that enables you to determine your race course nutrition.