The benefits of consuming a carbohydrate protein sports drink during and after exercise have been well documented. Intuitively these results suggest there would be measurable benefits before exercise. The scientific rationale for pre-exercise consumption of carbohydrate and protein is strong:

  1. Carbohydrate and protein both increase insulin levels more effectively than carbohydrate alone. Higher insulin levels results in greater delivery of glucose to muscle cells thereby preserving muscle glycogen and extending endurance. 

  2. Adding protein to a sports drink would decrease the breakdown of muscle protein. As a result there would be less protein damage and muscle soreness. This effect has been readily shown when carb/protein is consumed during post exercise recovery.

A recent study looked at the effect of consuming a carb/protein drink pre-exercise. The results were quite interesting. Whereas the pre-exercise consumption did not improve time trial performance there was a significant improvement in parameters associated with muscle fatigue and soreness. There are two factors associated with fatigue. One is depletion of muscle glycogen and the second involves muscle pain which signals your body to stop.

Based on their results the researchers concluded that consumption of a carb/protein drink prior to exercise may help delay muscle pain and as a consequence improve overall endurance. The bottom linedrink 6-8 ounces of Accelerade about 15 minutes before starting your workout.
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