Endurance athletes may have dodged a bullet. Consumption of beer is an essential part of the post exercise regimen of many serious athletes, especially after a hard workout or event. An intellectual argument can be made on either the pros or cons of alcohol consumption on endurance performance i.e. rehydration.

Finally, a group of courageous Spanish researchers have tested the hypothesis in a rigorously controlled study. The protocol involved high intensity training over a 10 week period with young adults (average age 24). Four groups participated in the high intensity fitness training and one group served as the control. Of the four training groups one remained alcohol free; one drank sparkling water and the two lucky groups drank either beer or vodka.

The researchers measured changes in VO2 max and strength. After ten weeks, the researchers reported improvements in VO2 max and strength in all the groups who participated in the high intensity training. And most important for alcohol lovers, there was no difference between the alcohol consuming group and the control in VO2 max and strength improvements. (I was hoping the alcohol groups would outperform the teetotalers).

The key takeaway - you can keep drinking your beer but I strongly suggest you consume your recovery nutrition before opening a cold one. I am now recruiting volunteers for a follow-up study to determine if craft beer offers any advantages over Amstel or Corona. Please let me know if you are interested in participating…

Based on the overwhelming response, I am organizing a major national study to answer the question and finally put craft beer lovers in their place. Although the original study was designed to compare any craft beer to either Corona or Amstel (my favorite beers), I am now opening the trial to any national brand since I was advised that if the study was limited to Amstel and Corona, we would only have five participants.

I fully expect this study will become a landmark piece of research in exercise science. The Portman Beer/Endurance Study, designed to answer the burning question, "Can Craft Beer Outperform National Brands” is gaining momentum (especially since we opened the study up to include national brands other than Amstel or Corona). We already have significant participation and are looking for more volunteers to insure this study becomes a landmark piece of research.

To participate in Dr. Portman;s  the study can be found by clicking the link below. Please notify your friends, training partners and fellow club members -

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