Nature's Sports Drink

Nature's Sports Drink

In spite of the many research advancements that have expanded our understanding of how hydration and nutrition enhances exercise performance, water is still the basis of all sports nutrition. Without our sophisticated sweat mechanism for cooling, heat generated by muscles would quickly raise our body temperature to near fatal levels. Small decreases in the body’s fluid levels can dramatically decrease exercise performance. That’s why any discussion of sports nutrition and exercise performance must begin with water. And that is why PacificHealth Laboratories has launched a corporate initiative to protect and expand clean water sources.

Mission Clean Water

About a month ago, we received an email from James Leitner, who has created a foundation called Mission Clean Water. To call attention to his cause, he walked across the country, a distance of 3,250 miles, carrying 10 gallons of water. That in itself is an amazing feat. After three weeks of travel, because of muscle soreness and fatigue, he thought it would be difficult to complete his mission. Then James found out about PacificHealth Labs’ products, which he used for recovery, fueling, and energy. James wrote, “Once I started using PacificHealth Labs endurance and recovery products, all the triple-digit temperature days became easy, I was not sore after 40+ mile days, and I could finally relax.”

Although we always appreciate great testimonials such as this one, what we found incredible was the significance of the 3,250 miles. That is approximately the distance that young children in developing countries walk each year to get clean water. Since clean water is so important to our product mission, we thought it imperative to make a commitments to clean water as part of our corporate mission.


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