Is A Low Carb Diet Healthy?

Is A Low Carb Diet Healthy?


In spite of the fact that the keto diet has received accolades in the popular media, many nutritionist question whether it is a healthy diet. A major new study suggests that it isn’t. The study examined nutrition and health data from 25,000 people from 1999-2010 and found that, compared to people who ate the most carbs, people who consumed the lowest amount of carbohydrates had:


  • 32% higher risk of total mortality
  • 50% higher risk of dying from vascular diseases
  • 36% higher risk of dying from cancer

The researchers noted other studies had shown similar results. Although the studies did not show why, the researchers suggested that cutting out one food group often leads to added consumption of another – in this case animal fat and dairy products. This is what happens when we demonized an essential macro-nutrient like carbohydrate. Carbs are integral to our overall health and well-being. For endurance athletes carbs around the exercise interval, before, during and after exercise, are absolutely critical by providing your muscle with the fuel needed for performance and recovery.
An excellent perspective on the subject was written by Matt Fitzgerald, an accomplished triathlete, marathon runner, and author who is also a close colleague. Eating a balanced diet with quality foods in moderation is the key. All these fad diets have one thing in common – they don’t keep you healthy. Click Here to read Matt’s column. It is worthwhile reading.

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