Endurox R4...The Most Effective Recovery Drink

When introduced over two decades ago, Endurox R4 represented a major advance in the science of muscle recovery. In the ensuing 20 years, multiple peer reviewed studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of a carb-protein combination in reducing post exercise muscle damage and improving endurance performance in a subsequent exercise bout. A recent study adds to our understanding of why Endurox R4 is still the premier recovery product.


In the study protocol, endurance athletes completed two bouts of exhaustive exercise over two weeks. After each exercise bout they consumed either a carb-only or a carb-protein drink. After a five-hour rest period the athletes then completed a performance bout to exhaustion. Subjects who consumed the carb-protein recovery drink demonstrated a 15% improvement in endurance performance. This improvement in performance appeared to correlate with a higher rate of glycogen synthesis, as well as a higher rate of muscle protein synthesis. This study adds to the comprehensive literature on the overall superiority of carb-protein recovery drinks.


As a side note – since many athletes may have decreased their training regimen over the holidays, it is even more important that you pay attention to your recovery nutrition as you resume your normal training schedule.

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