Electrolyte replenishment tablets can be extremely valuable and useful, especially when exercising for extended periods in hot and humid conditions. Salt pills, the original electrolyte replenishment product, were introduced long before sports drinks. During exercise, your body loses considerable amounts of sodium thru sweating. Although the evaporation of sweat is essential in maintaining body temperature, loss of sodium negatively impacts electrolyte balance and the body's rehydration mechanisms. It is essential, especially when exercising on hot and humid days, to replenish sodium losses. Optimally this occurs through sodium consumption as well as other nutrients involved in active sodium transport.  One of the most common additions to electrolyte replenishment tablets is potassium and most electrolyte replenishment products contain the sodium potassium combination.

With the introduction of Max2O, PacificHealth Laboratories introduced a major advancement in electrolyte replenishment. Max2O is the first electrolyte replenishment tablet that contains HYDREX, a proprietary blend of sodium, potassium, zinc, and alanine. The addition of zinc, an essential electrolyte and alanine, an amino acid, to sodium and potassium, significantly enhances electrolyte replenishment and rehydration. Max2O not only delivers faster rehydration, but reduces the incidence of muscle cramping. Two conditions associated with muscle cramping are fluid and electrolyte loss. By helping mitigate these losses, Max2O is a useful and powerful tool for athletes who frequently experience muscle cramping. The table below compares Max2O to other popular available electrolyte replenishment tablets.

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