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Apr 25

Since 1997, we have been obsessed with the science of human performance.  We felt then (and still feel now) that too many sports nutrition companies replace good science with slick marketing and celebrity spokespersons. EnduroxR4 has more peer-reviewed scientific studies than any other recovery product on the market.  Simply, EnduroxR4 works – check out the Read More »

Jul 21
Road to Nutritional Recovery

Over the last 15 years, science has shown that whether you are a serious or recreational runner, recovery nutrition should be an essential part of your running regimen.  Much of the latest science has focused on the impact of recovery nutrition on specific metabolic pathways. In other words we are learning how nutrition impacts repair Read More »

Aug 12

By: Dr. Robert Portman Of the 21 amino acids, leucine has a special place in endurance exercise. Although amino acids are the building blocks of protein, leucine, in its free state, has a major impact on endurance as well as muscle recovery. Leucine belongs to a class called branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which compose Read More »

Jun 04

By: Dr. Robert Portman Whether you are climbing, kayaking, or competing in a triathlon, fatigue will ultimately determine how well you perform and how far you can push your personal limits.  There is a spirited argument among exercise physiologists about the causes of fatigue.  Thirty years ago, scientists believed that fatigue resulted primarily from the Read More »

May 01

Dr. Robert Portman answers frequent questions about muscle recovery. Q: If I miss the 45-minute recovery window, does it make sense to  consume a recovery beverage? A: The recovery window does not slam shut after 45 minutes. Instead, there is a rapid fall off in benefit. After about two hours, you get almost no benefit. Read More »

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