New Tool To Calculate Your Fluid And Nutrition Workout Needs
The question I get most frequently from athletes is about how much fluid and nutrition should be consumed during workouts and races. In spite of the data, athletes in all sports and at all levels have found it a challenge to create an appropriate personal nutrition plan.  When insufficient fluid and nutrition is consumed, muscle fatigue occurs.  When too much fluid or nutrition is consumed, GI distress can result.

Based on the latest studies involving energy expenditure and fluid and nutrition absorption during exercise, the newly launched Portman Nutrition Calculator gives athletes a valuable tool to help them design a plan specific to their individual needs. The Nutrition Calculator closes the gap between the scientifically proven fluid and nutrition needs of men and women during exercise and their actual practices.

The Nutrition Calculator makes it simple.  All an athlete has to do is put in his/her activity, intensity, their workout or race time and their weight, and the Calculator does the rest.  The Calculator provides a customized analysis of their energy expenditure as well as a fluid and nutrition plan based on the information provided.

The Portman Nutrition Calculator is free and is found at It includes 79 different exercise activities and is designed for use by individuals beginning an exercise program to elite athletes.

You can easily download the Calculator to your iPhone. Simply enter in your web browser on your iPhone. You will see the icons on the bottom of the screen.

Tap the icon highlighted in red and you will see the following:

Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button and the Portman Calculator will appear as an icon on your home screen to use before or during a workout or race. This valuable tool could not be easier to use.