Jeff Galloway is an American Olympian and creator of the Galloway RUN-WALK-RUN™ method.

The first race, from the battle site into the 1896 Olympic stadium, was determined to be 40 kilometers, or 25 miles. In 1908, the Olympics were held in London and the route was  charted to start 40K outside Olympic Stadium, as in Athens. When the queen asked to have the course extended to start at Windsor Palace, the organizers agreed. The 26.2 mile distance of the new course became Olympic standard.

So when you pass the 25-mile mark and wish the race was finished, you can say “God save the Queen” (or something similar). But the distance is quite legitimate.  Phidippides would not have stopped at the site of the 1896 stadium, but would have continued into the ancient town of Athens. The total distance would be about the currently certified distance.

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