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Endurox Excel® - 50% OFF Promo
Natural Workout Supplement

Endurox Excel® - 50% OFF Promo

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  • Restores Your Body's Natural Balance:Ciwujia, the primary ingredient in Endurox Excel represents a unique class of natural products called adaptogenic herbs. Endurox Excel works by bringing your body into balance through a reduction in the level of stress hormones particularly cortisol. Endurox Excel has been proven to:

         • Reduce stress
         • Reduce fatigue
         • Bolster the immune system
         • Help you get leaner faster

    Endurox Excel is called a super adaptogen because of its positive impact on multiple health parameters.

    Endurox Excel... The Super Adaptogen.
  • Capsules per Box:60 total - use 2 per day

Adaptogens are herbs that have been shown to extend endurance and bolster the immune system. Its use in exercise resulted from reports that mountain climbers used ciwujia to improve work performance at high altitudes. Based on these initial observations, Pacific Health Lab scientists conducted studies showing that ciwujia is a safe and effective ingredient to boost performance. Since its original launch, it has been used by tens of thousands of athletes as a workout supplement. The usual dose is two capsules once per day and noticeable results are usually quite apparent after 3-4 weeks.