Nutrition Science

PacificHealth Labs was founded with a singular purpose - to apply scientific discipline, natural ingredients and a passion for excellence to the nutritional challenges faced by endurance athletes. Although we are modestly sized by the standards of the industry, our research has upended conventional thinking on many aspects of sports nutrition, including protein utility and the benefits of caffeine. We have more peer-reviewed research standing behind our products than any other company in the market.

When you choose a PacificHealth product, know that we are athletes, fitness buffs and health nuts who are deeply concerned about what we put into our bodies. We swim in the same sea of information and do our best, using trusted scientific resources, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the fads from good science, and formulate our products to work for their intended use and be healthy over the long haul. Competition may be a motivator, but we also want to take great care of our bodies.

Before you choose any sports nutrition product, ask to see their science. If you find anything, expect to see anecdotal evidence about the possible benefits of the latest superfood or ingredient. Pay particular attention, if sources are cited, to the amount (dosage) of the ingredient demonstrated to provide a benefit. Most of our competitors will tout the benefits of a particular ingredient, but a little digging will reveal that the ingredient is included in such small amounts that it is unlikely to have any impact on performance. We love the industry, but caveat emptor, "buyer beware" and don't be swayed by clever marketing.

Here is a sampling of the research that has been done in connection with our products: