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  • All Natural Nutritional Recovery:Endurox® R4® will help your body recover faster and stronger after a hard workout. Every all natural ingredient in Endurox is included for one purpose - to help reduce inflammation and soreness and replenish energy stores after hard training so you can bring your best to your next workout. Scroll down to read how EnduroxR4 was tested and developed, read the independent science, take a look at customer reviews and then experience for yourself what good recovery feels like. Click to Read the Studies

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Endurox® R4® & the Origins of Nutritional Recovery


In 1995, a group of prominent exercise scientists got together in Colorado to talk nutrition and sports performance. Food, beverages and the latest research flowed freely. Formulations were laid out and scientific study parameters were designed. This humble meeting marked the beginning of PacificHealth Labs and planted a seed that would upend the thinking on sports nutrition over the next decade. The research that would follow led to groundbreaking discoveries on muscle recovery, fueling and hydration. The meeting also marked the beginning of the most revolutionary sports recovery product to hit the market in decades, Endurox R4.

Why Focus on Recovery Nutrition?

In the late 80's, sports scientists had begun to focus on the importance of nutritional intervention immediately after exercise. Although consuming nutrition after a workout made sense, we had little understanding about the physiological implications of different nutrients. One of the first discoveries in the area was that timing of nutrition intake following exercise was critical. Our founder, Dr. Robert Portman, termed it the "metabolic window of opportunity". This phase was later shortened and adopted throughout the literature as the "recovery window."

Although food consumption at any time turns on metabolic pathways that help the body replenish energy and rebuild muscle, the impact of these pathways during the recovery window is very different in terms of magnitude of response. We have since learned that several key metabolic pathways are activated right after exercise and are primed to work. Providing the right combination of nutrients during this time can produce enormous changes in glycogen and protein synthesis which leads to better recovery.

Endurox R4 was designed to take maximal advantage of these metabolic pathways to help athletes recover quickly, efficiently and with minimal muscle damage. Better recovery means better workouts and better performance over the long run.

We have more than 18 peer-reviewed
studies that demonstrate the efficacy of Endurox R4 and the patented 4:1 carb-protein ratio. These studies, which are included below, show that, compared to conventional carbohydrate drinks, Endurox R4:


  • Increases glycogen replenishment by 128%
  • Decreases muscle damage by 36%
  • Increases protein synthesis by 400%
  • Increases endurance by 55% in subsequent workout 

Check out the video for Endurox R4 over Chocolate Milk for post-recovery as told by Olympic runner and PacificHealth Labs Ambassador - Jeff Galloway   

For athletes concerned about carbohydrate intake and, in particular, sugars, remember that your body is a multi-fuel motor that either runs on glycogen or fat/ketones. Most of us are glycogen burners and as such, benefit in recovery from rapidly replenishing the glycogen used during hard exercise. Endurox R4 is a scientifically proven winner in this category.  If you are interested in learning more about the ingredients in Endurox R4, please click on the "Nutrition Facts" above.

For fat adapted athletes who shudder at the very mention of carbohydrates, there is preliminary research that suggests that even athletes in ketosis should supplement with carbohydrates for maximum performance. Although we have not been able to formally study this effect, we believe that Endurox R4
 taken immediately after hard exercise, yields the desired recovery results without increasing blood glycogen to the point to pull a keto-adapted athlete out of ketosis.  Remember, we are talking about 270 calories and 12 grams of carbs. 

5 Stars
a big fan
been using this for 20 years... even use it during workout.. it can be watered down or concentrated, your choice. so far I have not found any Energy-Hydration-Recovery drink that works as good.
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Reviewed by:  from AMAZON. on 6/12/2017
5 Stars
Works Terrific and Absolutely Delicious!
I don't have a lot science in my review but I can tell you why I bought this and how well it works for me. A few months ago I started P90X and have had a ton of success with the program. Naturally Beachbody tries to sell you their products via their videos and their recovery drink is FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE! and not that well reviewed to be honest. After some research online I came upon this brand. I had no clue about it other than it promised to assist with my recovery after intense workouts and the reviews were really good. The price was right so I took the gamble and have loved it ever since. This product does exactly what it says it does; helps your muscles recovery after high intensity workouts. I've come to love this drink so much I actually begin to crave it mid workout and to me, it's a reward for the hard work. I've recommended this to friends and colleagues who workout all the time and all who've used it have said nothing but good things.
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Reviewed by:  from AMAZON. on 6/10/2017
5 Stars
I just started taking this recently, but I'm loving it. I take this right after every workout that lasts more than an hour. It helps with endurance. I notice I'm not as sore when I wake up in the morning. I will repurchase :)
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Reviewed by:  from BODYBUILDING.COM. on 5/5/2017
4 Stars
Could just be in my head, but..
I've been using Endurox for the past year. I regularly train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / wrestling and the next morning my muscles were constantly sore. Just to be clear I wasn't injured or stiff, my actual muscles ached from exertion. Since I started taking Endurox at the end of my workouts I've simply felt better. In all honestly, this could simply be a placebo effect but it really doesn't matter to me. Also, at the end of a long training session it tastes pretty good. I recommend that you try it for a month and decide for yourself.
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Reviewed by:  from AMAZON. on 5/1/2017
5 Stars
Good for keeping your weight on
I competed in division I track and field, and I played professional arena football. Now just an avid weightlifter who is flirting with being out of my prime. This product helps to keep my energy levels up, and gets me prepared for the following work out.
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Reviewed by:  from AMAZON. on 4/15/2017